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Air Flow Problems on 2006 Dodge Mega Cab Truck


  • Air Flow Problems on 2006 Dodge Mega Cab Truck

    Question: What could cause A/C not to blow through the dash vents on a 2006 Dodge Mega Cab Truck. Air only blows out the defrost or floor vents.

    The Mega Cab provides enormous interior space which already proves a challenge to cool. Diminished air flow from instrument panel vents will certainly exacerbate the situation. Here's what we've found.

    If your Dodge Mega Cab truck has poor air flow through the vents, but seems to be working fine in other modes, and if all doors and actuators appear to be working normally, you may have an accumulation of dirt on a nylon screen located at the top of the HVAC housing.

    Some (if not all) Dodge Mega Cab trucks built before 6/2006 have a nylon screen located between the instrument panel outlet duct and the top of the HVAC housing. This fine mesh screen may become partially or fully restricted by dirt which may cause air flow complaints.

    Image of Clogged Screen

    Owners may comment that instrument panel vent air flow becomes weaker the longer the vehicle is operated - or - air flow may improve temporarily if the system is switched off for an extended period of time.

    While we're not sure of the original intent of design engineers, the screen appears to act as a buffer to keep fine particulate from blowing towards the occupants. So far this problem has only been reported to us on Mega Cab models.

    At this time we believe the only way to solve this particular problem is to remove the nylon screen if it's found to be clogged.

    The screen will be clearly visible once the instrument panel is moved clear of the HVAC housing.

    Gaining access to cut this screen out will require pulling the dash back. This job should take approximately three hours to complete. Consult your service manual for detail on this procedure.

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    1. Comment #1 (Posted by Robert S)
      What I have found while inspecting Dodge Mega Cab air complaints is the that the recirculation door comes off of the hinge and lays down on top of the blower discharge and the system will not flow any air out to the duct work.
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