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new 134a cans

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    Still a worthy topic: You need the proper tap for the can(s) early ones didn't cut it may still be there and what is sold mixed in. The new is a flap to seal can you are NOT piercing it with a hole such that you should be able to remove tap and save unused product. Finally after real iffy adaptors the newer is working as intended for me now VERY slow to need much mostly done with this stuff.

    So that leaves you to side tap if equipped or get the right stuff. I liked to use 12oz cans thru gauges these now make that a problem yet again make up some of my own adaptors really like to vacuum out all, add to high side while under vacuum eliminates all chance or air and finish off to weight as close as possible already measured "tare weights" and thru the charge process.

    It's that or buy the auto equipment to charge systems is nasty costly for me too, it's seasonal to low or no need for A/C as a vehicle gets old and rusted enough too many other things to worry about just make it usable as a vehicle.

    The right taps and cans do work. AYOR with A/C work this isn't the "old days" system do not want to be off the good old "boost it up" by a color gauge even more AYOR to wreck a good system so take your time.

    Other: Parts places on line or in person are supposed to know a fair amount but it's really up to YOU to know not them to know every aspect of what they sell and how to do it,
    MetroWest, Boston