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    Quick connects

    Good day all,
    I have not been on this forum for some time but it is nice to see some familiar names still around!
    Tom Nacho etc. etc.
    OK I know, it's should be an easy question, and I know a search may find the answers, but here goes.
    Ten years ago or so I purchased a gauge set and pump from someone affiliated with the forum. They have proved themselves many times.
    Noe I have a problem with the quick connects fitting my 2006 Kia Sedona. It's like they are not deep enough to seal. I do remember having a bit of an issue with my 93 mercury, but not as bad as the Kia. Am I forgetting something I learned here ages ago? Or do I just need new adapters and if so any suggestions?
    Thanks again, in advance, for your time,

    Hi Matt. Did you post at the older couple sites? It doesn't matter if you bought stuff thru here then would have been Warren Willingham's biz in Phoenix not important if there or not just that store as far as I know is closed.

    Anyway assorted vehicles and quick connects can pull very real attitudes up to impossible. Did you mean just the hose ends that you could use on R-12/R-22 Freon as well as take those off and use on 134a or just 134a. Only asking the hose ends were popular and a lot of 93 Mercurys were R-12 new, some switched mid-year but they did work still have the set from here/there if same still doesn't fit all fittings.

    Solution for me is have multiple sets - uggh. Some right angled some screw on to tighten or look the same just work. I really don't know why it was supposed to be a standard. If a retrofit now and troubles probably a hunt made better or worse fittings some with the Shrader some adjust larger is NOT a real Shrader so it touches the R-12 one. Have that tool anyway it operation is the same size is different. Watch out for the Ball Valve types also lots of problems do have good OE caps and spares of seals they are the last seal not for good looks.

    I have made up more silly one time use things it's hard to organize them all A/C is so seasonal for me has to go out of the way for room.

    You are not forgetting just some are fussy some are not. If whole set for 134a can buy just hoses for a trusty manifold set assorted costs same as anything. If you have trouble twice you may have a damages fitting on that vehicle. Most appear welded on some might be so be careful if you go there for the Kia ask a dealer and be real careful you can bust lines changing those on any,
    MetroWest, Boston


      Tom, Yes on all of your comments,
      Here is me again looking for quick answer, yes I have the old r12 gauges with adapters. Yes bought from Warren. I was being lazy and just wanted a recommendation to purchase the right new adapters. Figured the site has changed a few times and archives may have been lost!
      I almost pulled the trigger on a suicide set and leak sealer kit! Bought thought better of myself.
      I will try to find the right adapters somewhere, and if I post again I will try to curtail talking about hydrocarbon refrigerants!
      Cheers man,


        I've made up with sizes of brake/fuel line and conversion adaptors with hardware store brass unions to act as a double ended adaptor and lots more for fussy crap! Used liquid electrical tape is brush in cap stuff best by Starbrite (that spelling) is gasoline tolerant does need dry time and really seals! Not too thick and tiny hose clamps or double those up they work in jams.

        Yes out of "death kits" we called them. IDK Walmart nearest me had a tent sale stuff was all a buck the junk, adaptors, kits and real stuff. They had to want out of that with endless complaints or a quiet recall by all stuff then was Interdynamics to dump it.

        Later had quite the hunt for the tube "O" rings got those fixed them all if used too much.

        R-12 and 134a Matt are both hydrocarbon refrigerants so pick up on a sniffer that detects that so does a lighter with butane blow the flame out.
        Core of the fittings OE for 134a could randomly be the larger Shrader or ball valves always spit bubble with spit (did I say that :-) )) or soapy water. If Shrader most behave if you loosen to hear it and snug up enough don't change the thing YET. Then check with any pressure.

        Pin in hose end connectors are not all correct. Some are like or are Shrader ended can put those on backwards and after a season of no use forget and pull hair out what's wrong!

        Do what you have to they still sell junky brand hoses and connectors find one that works. I've had and still have to. Also some dumbazz designs put ports under the cars - how special. Oh shoot me I hook up two hoses with unions to read pressures the R-12/R-22 ones some without one way tricks it works without leaks.

        Why all this hassle? Local shops after throwing tools thru windows and more foul language than ever heard call me to do something they are going to go nuts, are wasting time just do something! I did. They had stricter time limits I didn't my boss is myself so doesn't care - smile.

        The archive listed that are there up top were smuggled away by some "Go-Daddy" site I refuse to sign up to, to see those again so essentially are gone or end up paying to see them? I wont know not doing that.

        Other: We've lost folks - must have? Can't find (long time now) Warren, ACProf (knew him off sites) last a heart issue then nothing - yikes. John Hess of Cool Profit$ Magazine - can't find him either? Haven't checked for Nacho uses his name and we've spoken is/was in fact the A/C Guru of all time guy just had a talent beyond description hope still does may try again later to see.

        Good to see you, you may recall how intense some stuff got with seriously detailed opinions and proof of things. Sites (two) were hacked up and spammed so bad just couldn't keep up with it last try is this format by CJB also uses his name here if you look I wont make it easy on purpose.

        Take care. Nice day expected while the Gulf floods out the Mississippi again will end up here later as just rain to mess something up here as well,

        MetroWest, Boston