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Phase out of HFC refrigerants.

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    Phase out of HFC refrigerants.

    Just heard on the news the new bill just past includes the phase out of HFC refrigerants. This includes R134a. I didn't hear how fast the phase out will be or if it will change who and when a person can buy it.
    Not all that surprising, but will put a crimp on those that do their own work, like it did with the phase out of R12 in general use.

    I'm getting a little more info on this, I have no idea about how accurate it is. It seams by 2035 they want to roll-back total usage to 2001 level, so it seams not a total ban, but a move to other systems. 15 years from now the major usage will still be auto air, so it is move to get mobile A/C systems to change to a new refrigerant. As older systems (cars) get replaced with cars with a newer system the total in use will drop. The big question is what the replacement will be? I hope it is not 1234yF! I all likelyhood I will not still be messing with A/C when 2035 rolls around, if I am even still above ground!