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  • Tif 5550a

    Anyone have a wiring schematics for this tool? The yellow wire that leads into the wand got yanked out and when opening the wand, I cannot see where this wire is supposed to go? Where does it get soldered to?


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    IDK. I guess just contact the manufacturer and hope there's a fix for it even soldered may not do??

    Good luck,

    MetroWest, Boston


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      I am trying to understand where the separation is, where you trying to replace the sensor at the tip? or did you pull the wand from the main unit?
      I can't be of much help and I can't find anything on the .net that would help. Your best bet is to contact the mfg and see if they can repair. Although, a new unit might be cheaper.


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        This is the wire that came out of the base of the wand.

        I tried contacting the manufacturer and they weren't any help (most likely too old).

        Click image for larger version

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          Have you opened the black thing with the two screws showing? From what I saw in the online manual, there should be a pump inside and the wires up to the sensor.
          It looks like there are 4 wires black, red. white. and yellow. My guess and it is just that, two power the pump (guess, black and red) and the white and yellow go to the sensor in the tip.
          Unit looks "well used" and it may be time to cut your losses and buy a new sniffer.
          I would take a chance on opening the pump section and have a look, if you can't find where it goes or you ruin something in the process, you are no worse off than you are now.
          I am happy with the Bacharach unit I bought used. I can recommend it


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            If this isn't obvious to solder it then I agree with Cornbinder - just get a new one. BTW you can test it with a cig lighter NO FLAME just the gas,
            MetroWest, Boston


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              I opened it up but still unsure where the yellow wire originally went.

              I did purchase the Harbor Freight version, but I am a little skeptical of it. Seems to go off when I push the sensor onto a hose or fitting vs than just hovering right about it. Doesn't seem right for some reason.

              Click image for larger version

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                Is the orange wire soldered to the motor terminal or loose? If loose then That is where I would connect the yellow.
                If not then it is possible it was never connected to anything on this model and was used on other models to supply power to a "heated diode" type sensor.
                Button it back up and try it.
                Real cheap diagnostic tool are a waste of money in my book, if you can't trust what they are telling you, you waste more time chasing your tail than fixing the problem.
                If it works you might consider replacing the coil cord so it doesn't happen again.


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                  Hmmm? It may not have been used? If there NO evidence of solder or other end see if it works while apart now.
                  I was talking about any cheap butane lighter (blow it out) but allow gas at the sniffer end it should go off?

                  Harbor Freight can be a fun store some things OK some pretty cheaply made wouldn't expect too much.

                  Bet a decent one is $400 bucks or so should adjust to almost infinite sensitivity - my own a Matco wasn't cheap was really careful with it still works fine - limited times it's honest with you. I can't speak for them all they don't like wind, oil fumes burning off an engine nor other spray solvents recently used nor a super dirty floor if yuk all over the place where suspect vehicle is.

                  If an engine's fan is running forget it underhood a real leak if adjustable could be just grams per year.

                  Other I've notice when I can't find them is older vehicles will leak out shaft seals - some a lot when really cold outside, if left outside and don't if in moderated temps inside (my own have too many vehicles) about all leak some are all old.

                  Sniffer was best IMO if it set off inside a vent of vehicle, not usually good news. Check for where condensate drains may be oily/dirty where nothing else could really be it?

                  MetroWest, Boston


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                    I'll have to play with the Tif a bit. A quick "breathe on" test and it did NOT set it off, which it used to, so maybe the yellow wire was being utilized (I always thought the tip was heated?).

                    Playing with the HF version, I would set it to 50% sensitivity all the way up to 100% (and this is where it starts beeping most of the time). The difference the Tif would not go off in the areas where the HF would...LOL I dunno, they both could be off at this point. I did however spray soapy water on the areas the HF was going off and no bubbles appeared (could be not enough pressure).

                    Thankfully, at the evap drain line, I am not getting any results with either tool.

                    some videos of me playing with the HF tool: