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Trinary switch

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  • Trinary switch

    These are most often placed on the receiver, but am wondering if there is a reason it shouldn't be placed closer to the compressor.
    On my IHC the fan switch port is at the compressor, and I was/am going to replace the simple fan switch with a trinary to add HPCO and a back-up LPCO to the system. On the IHC, the LPCO is handled by a switch in the suction line, that lock's the system off when the suction pressure is lower than about 7 PSI. It is a very good system as it will shut the system down way before a LPCO in the liquid line will, but offers no HPCO for excessive head pressure.
    Any thoughts?

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    So far having on the compressor doesn't cause any problems, I'll have to see if it shortens its life span at all.