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Trinary switch

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    Trinary switch

    These are most often placed on the receiver, but am wondering if there is a reason it shouldn't be placed closer to the compressor.
    On my IHC the fan switch port is at the compressor, and I was/am going to replace the simple fan switch with a trinary to add HPCO and a back-up LPCO to the system. On the IHC, the LPCO is handled by a switch in the suction line, that lock's the system off when the suction pressure is lower than about 7 PSI. It is a very good system as it will shut the system down way before a LPCO in the liquid line will, but offers no HPCO for excessive head pressure.
    Any thoughts?

    So far having on the compressor doesn't cause any problems, I'll have to see if it shortens its life span at all.