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Making a Few Minor Layout Adjustments to the Forums

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    Making a Few Minor Layout Adjustments to the Forums

    Happy summer everyone! It's July 13, 2022 and I just wanted to leave a little note to let you all know I'm making some minor layout changes to the forums. If you see some strange things over the next few days, it's just me trying to figure out what I'm doing

    First, I had to turn the advertising off. There were just too many ads running. I thought, at one point, the advertising would only display to users that were not logged in. Seems the ads were just running rampant and being shown to everyone, regardless of log-in status. For now those are all gone. Hopefully.

    Second, I think having some better navigation on the right hand side would be helpful.

    That's the main goal right now.

    This is a cloud based version of vBulletin, so, there is a lot here that's out of my control. The plus side is updates and uptime are consistent. The downside is it's clunky to make changes and some of the things that really bug me can't be changed at all.

    Anyway, I just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know what I was doing.

    Take care!

    Chris Bede

    I had noticed the change, and the move of the announcements to the bottom. Good moves and glad to see a reduction in the pop-ups. I hope it doesn't effect cost of keeping the board open.