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A Brief Summary of Forum Changes and New Features

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  • A Brief Summary of Forum Changes and New Features

    Here's a brief summary of some of the recent changes to the forum...

    Removed advertising banners
    The obtrusive advertising banners throughout were just too much. I may add adverting back in at some point for guests that are not logged in.

    Minor font changes throughout to enlarge text
    Increased the font size slightly for better readability

    Added right column for better navigation
    Trying to improve forum navigation.

    Refrigerant weight conversion calculator tab
    More vehicles now list refrigerant charge in grams or kilograms. I thought this would be useful to have at hand.

    Added user login at top of right column
    The default login was too small and hard to see.

    Added ribbon to highlight the original topic starter
    On longer threads, it's now easier to see who the original topic starter is without having to scroll back to the top.

    Added ability for users to login with email address --or-- username

    Quote text feature in reply is active for highlighted text
    This is probably my favorite new improvement. Now, you can quote some selected text in a post instead of the entire post when replying.
    When you highlight a portion of a post, a "Quote" button will appear next to your highlighted text. You can also quote multiple posts across different pages in a thread without losing the existing quoted text. But, don't quote me on that last part.

    Reminder for topic starters to provide more relevant information when posting questions.
    I added a small text box to remind users to try to provide more information when posting a question.
    New topic starters will be presented with this little blurb of text...
    When posting questions, please try to provide enough information so our members can help.
    Vehicle Information - details like year, make, model and engine size would be useful for vehicle specific help.
    If available, high and low side system pressures, along with temperatures can be helpful in resolving performance issues.
    That's it for now. I hope you guys like some of the changes.

    P.S. I also added a new user for my alter ego. I can also be found here on the forum as CTA. I will use this primarily while I am at work. And maybe just as an excuse to have a profile where I can cycle through all my silly selfie pictures from the shop.

    Thanks again, to all of you!

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    Noticed but didn't see this post/thread now.
    Appreciate the changes was impossible for a while to navigate this spot.

    To all. My apologies for typos - I just don't see them till later am going LED blinded (my excuse) was picky about that.

    Many thanks CJB for keeping this site alive,
    MetroWest, Boston