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  • Troubles using this site?

    1st best answer is IDK. It's become so slow, hard or late to type and just now couldn't open at all?
    Using a PC laptop works fine elsewhere can't know why the bizarre behavior.
    I don't think it's only me but can't know for here folks would just move on and forget it I would think.

    Argh! In a feud with cable only one on a line crosses a destroyed been here watched it hacked. Road to redone is decades late it's known why it's solid granite ledge unseen for a neighborhood insane work.

    Fine I understand that so it's slow but not just quit at one site.

    Just an FYI if I don't respond it's probably not that I don't care rather didn't get notice (haven't for a few years) and couldn't just check in. If I'm not here just give me time and know I didn't ignore anyone,

    MetroWest, Boston

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    I haven't noticed a problem lately. I was having big problems before everywhere. I switch operating systems to Linux and that helped and add a ad blocker also. I am no computer wiz so had to get help doing all the above, but it made an older PC useable again.
    The change to Linux took some getting used to, but this old brain was able with a little time.
    Some say old operating systems get loaded with junk, cookies and other things that get downloaded when you open a page, and sometimes clearing these thing can help. In my case the change of Op system sped things up a lot, but now I do notice it slowing a but.


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      Thanks for chiming in. I'm frequently the only one and or others the sites are blocked?
      No question I need some real IT help the ads alone are revolting. One site will freeze page till you see it!

      I gave up on pic posting it's different each thing I may do? So a program to auto adapt leave me out of it.

      Never mind here this stuff has become mandatory for a few things I would print paper doesn't need to plug it in to see or read! Had to show certain things within the year for something not some device or image of documents could be hacked so rock and hard places are still in use as proof,
      MetroWest, Boston


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        Someone suggested to me an Ad Blocker, that I'll have to look up the name of, it was free and works, but sometimes seams to muck up connections a bit, requires re-loading the page.
        Hum can't seamed to find the name off hand, I'll dig deeper and see if I can find it and post it here when I do


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          "adblock plus"is the product I added to my system.


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            I'm just waiting to get help and fix this. This thing is barking at me saying I need a new battery yet it runs if plugged in without one at all?

            I can't let it bug me too much there's too much real stuff I need to do,
            MetroWest, Boston