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    Site Issue? AC_Chris: If you look time stamp is out of order? Your post wasn't there when I responded. That needs clarifying. I'm EST or GMT - (minus) 5 hours,
    MetroWest, Boston

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    Thanks for pointing that out. Embarrassed to say I haven't looked at the time stamps. I will after I post this. I currently have it set for -5.


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      O.K. I just adjusted for daylight savings time. We'll see if this works.I also made the posting time more granular to show finer detail when a post was made. i.e.; 1 minute ago, 1 hour ago, 5 hours ago, etc..


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        This has been a pest before at I think the old site and others. Now and then people find these forums from say Australia and really mess with your head if watching it's the next whole day but real time it's posted matters more.

        IDK what is universally best but think a time stamp should show GMT's actual time and let folks figure it out from there. Still posts should show in the order they came in or gets confusing.

        Hey - my server has been the problem I'm absolutely sure it was them holding/storing any message - here or whatever for hours I don't think is common and can't know if certain phones, computers or assorted devices wait till they get a signal and send it then?

        Where's the aspirin? I'm getting a headache!
        MetroWest, Boston


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          So, do you think it should show a time in GMT-5 or the way It's set now where it shows how long ago the message was posted? Wish it could be both.

          P.S. To make matters more confusing, I'm posting as CJB --or -- AC_Chris. CJB is admin the other account is just a regular account. This is so I can make sure things work for different group permission settings. Just wanted you to know why I have two.
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            I knew it was you just also you entrusted me also means keeping folks private if they wish to be.

            GMT for time without my buddy Ben Franklin's DST (daylight savings time) which isn't used universally nor named time zones in a straight line you should know your state draws EST and CST. About need to look it up how the lines are drawn. I think AK and HI are all one time zone no DST in either. Yes - some of AK can and does have A/C and HI as well, outer islands problems with parts and tools universally slow to acquire or have access to.

            AUS (Australia) have to think upside down no pun. It's seasons are opposite, right hand drive plus named vehicles are sold to the US we know use different names. Careful what you call the "passenger's" side of a vehicle!

            Back to time stamps. Can we make it appear inside the threads to know when they were posted if only a date? Why? I also think threads should be locked for new posts when they are inactive for maybe 30 days automatically so avoid posting as folks come along don't realize it's years old or something. That is a problem elsewhere.

            Once again thanks for the effort to keep an A/C specific spot alive an so far spam free.

            Back to work in Massachusetts the sun's up and time to get going ;-)

            MetroWest, Boston