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Long legged rats!

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  • Long legged rats!

    I was on a narrow 2 lane road, a cattle truck was passing me when a buck decided to run out into the path of both of us. Since I was on the right, and the deer came from the right I took a full hit! Took out my 3 ton condenser and grill, left headlight and put a big dent in the cab! I haven't totalled up all the parts and cost to repair, but it ain't going to be cheap.
    I just this summer got the A/C all repaired and just a few weeks ago found the correct clutch pulley for it. Now I have to go back and repair all the rest of the system!
    RATS! long legged RATS!

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    Gathering info on replacement condensers. The original I used was a MEI 6314. I've seen prices as low as around $90 to as high as $385. The cheap ones are 1/2 the thickness of the more expensive but claim the same heat rejection? I don't see how that can be. So far I think it is going to run about $240 to replace. The most expensive was NAPA and supposed to be MEI, some of the others are other brands that are a "direct replacement" I have been happy with MEI's quality..
    I am surprised to how hard a hit I could take. The condenser is now bowed badly but the only place it leaked was where it was forced into the radiator cross braces, and even there it was a slow leak


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      Just caught this Cornbinder: OMG - of all the rotten luck and didn't you just have this rig all perfect? What can I say? Bummer. Good luck once again with getting it all fixed,
      MetroWest, Boston


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        Yes, you wear the right deer is a big problem in the USA, I heard a lot of road accidents happen due to deer. We carefully while you driving at night or avoid to drive at night.