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  • Home A/C R-22

    Yes - the home A/C plain works no disasters over winter. Didn't need it but just warm enough to test it. No pun have "tons" of R-22 only heard that spiked to about $1,000 bucks for a 30 Lb. bottle need to sell that off if still high like that?

    Shocked the thing can do it glad I guess I chose that gas for now not sure if they even sell whole units again with that or not? This joint needs it humidity only really pours out like a hose was left on only heard they don't like that way anymore? The other choice I've seen is use that up to spray outdoor condenser till it boils it way understood for some situations not so here let the water go out.

    I need it others don't I did cut down any tree near enough to ice up and fall on my house is far worse a headache than the short use it really gets would be way too hot.

    How hot can it get? Inland, no shade only can spike last year 108F real air temp and year before 113.8F to be exact. Still wouldn't need it ground never gets that hot it can't stay there for more than a couple hours at the most.

    I know sounds like AZ temps not the same this never lasts requires full sun to do that. Boston itself you see on weather news never that high is just that couple miles near ocean gets help NOT inland. Same in reverse gets colder Atlantic Ocean doesn't freeze normally but has just where boxed in in spots busts up the tide can be 12' FEET will bust up ice changing that much every 5 1/2 hours or so.

    Funky - it's not that far away was an avid boater had to watch that it's all rocks out there doesn't mix well with being in the wrong place or channel.

    Remember the fool captain of the QE II went aground in Vineyard Sound if you look at a close map is between MV we call it and is a well marked channel pilot wasn't paying attention made quite a mess out that ship. Fool that dang rock is named to avoid it only if you need a for sure 20+ feet deep.

    Saw the thing in dry dock back in Boston not the place for that large a ship repair was patched and sent back to Germany I think? Long time ago now.

    Glad that wasn't my bill! Can you imagine the probably 4,000 miles with a bare bones crew to take it for a repair using probably a gallon of fuel every 50 feet! Just heard some of the monster cruise ships only get 11 INCHES!! I though my car was bad enough guess again - laugh,

    MetroWest, Boston

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    Never had a house with central air so never messed much with R22. On the Commercial side there are many alternative refrigerants, and R 22 wasn't as big a deal with Ozone as R 12 was. Surprised it spiked so high, but then again I never priced a keg of R12 either. Not too many DIY's in the stationary market.
    The QE2 thing must have been long after I left, I don't even remember hearing about it. When I was a kid, my family knocked around MV sound in a 26' sailboat. I remember the "rollers" coming in from Nantucket, made what was called a "Nantucket sleigh ride " in a smaller boat.