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Metric vs SAE

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    Metric vs SAE

    Does and doesn't matter but when you are born and grew up with SAE (English) measures of whatever makes sense yet if I say 13/64ths of something you're lost.

    There was no metric IMO isn't the fix all to measures. A gallon is a gallon and barrel is a barrel (BTW is 42 gallons) most concern is how much oil that is but means for anything.

    Why such a number? Answer is I don't know but expansion of a liquid would be those 2 gallons so if selling something you get what you needed, the 40 gallons.


    If interested or care at all I suggest looking up Iassac Newton, the theories he archived are priceless.

    It's more shocking that it was written and archived BEFORE use of electricity or running water nor a pen that didn't require dipping in ink!


    Before I'm history myself would like to thank one (of many) relatives that never passed away (just gone from my sight) meant the world to me:

    Ralph Russell Greenleaf (Gramps) B. 1895, D. 1972 (disaster for me)

    Born 1895 (Oh My God) imagine that if you can. Guy could do anything with nothing an art lost today. Money wasn't needed could make what you wanted did need some tools I have many from exactly him cherish that how to make it with NOTHING attitude!

    Points to irritate the world.

    Home Metric is lack of thinking. Railroad tracks are not metric anywhere there are enough train wrecks without messing with that now. 4 feet, 8 and 1/2 inches - go measure them yourself - worldwide!

    * The IDK reason is the distance between the two horse's asses of Julius Ceasar's chariot -- a name so narcissistic made a month, July and August for a brother to make 12 months a year not 10 -- requires thinking long lost OCTober for example me EIGHT!

    Bumper sticker on one of my cars - nonpolitical just says "CAN'T FIX STUPID" is kind of redundant on a Jeep no less.

    Have a great day - tomorrows are not a promise,

    {{ I can't see LED light so please forgive me for typos I do know better - eyesight would sure help!}}
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    MetroWest, Boston

    RR track gauge is not standard. Even here we had narrow gauge rail. It may be more common in areas where the rail lines were layed down when the British empire was doing the building.
    The reason supplies to Ukraine from Poland have to be off loaded and re loaded is the rail gauge is different in the former USSR countries.
    In some places here light rail and street cars ran a different gauge. Railroad said it was for safety, but really it was to keep the light rail and street cars from directly delivering freight in the cities.
    I don't have a problem with either metric or imperial measure, but do have a problem if they are mixed together.
    The attempt in this country to "phase in"metric was a total disaster. I am old enough to remember when Canada was Imperial measure, they converted without too much trouble, but they didn't try and phase it in slowly. People quickly learned that a liter and a quart were roughly the same. Here we never went all one or all the other.


      Thanks sport.
      I wish to hope info from the ages stands true. I stand corrected by a very capable moderator here as well.

      It's just BTW my presents on the FREE to use web is from lot' of cuts, bruises, a couple ER visits burned or cut up so bad left a trail of blood.

      My efforts are 100% to help with A/C also warn you of dangers.

      Mostly nothing but readers please know if anything the assorted refrigerants as a liquid want to be a vapor if released fast will "freeze burn" skin, worse blind you if there.

      Wear gloves. Do what I say not what I do and did lucky to survive it in hindsight.

      This is a tough trade in all aspects. Tools needed out cost most DIYers the web full of lies or just bad info ruins too much.......

      MetroWest, Boston