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Come to the Cabaret

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  • Come to the Cabaret

    Welcome to my world.
    When or if time this is cool or not depending on your taste. By Liza Minnelli "Come to the Cabaret" a Broadway Show" says a lot.

    Here > https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=come+to+the+cabaret+song&view=detail&mid= 6838F8EDFFDB106985AC6838F8EDFFDB106985AC&FORM=VIRE <

    Had a life once outside of fixing things pre internet had a well rounded partner in my life, a polar opposite in many ways, miss those days.

    Just laugh, take me to Broadway shows! You must be kidding? No, and I went usually the Shubert in Boston get all dressed up and hide the busted knuckles or oil stains from crawling under, over and dive into anything broken or needing help was me + my life.

    Now a long time ago thought I'd limit my efforts to A/C anything foolishly thinking that would slow down the expansive assorted other work I could do and formally trained at!

    Not just for me, for others too had a bill header said "If I can't fix it, It Ain't Broken" was a bit brazen. Usually true!

    Most charges said N/C there are other reasons I didn't need your $$ (all legal) not on the web please.

    Have a great day,

    Tom Greenleaf will sign off with that anyway till Dr. Google messes this site up more than it is,
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    MetroWest, Boston

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    I hear you Tom, Along time ago I did things like take vacations and sail. Then I went to work for myself, and the future looked more questionable. Yeah I had time off, and it was great when my wife got cancer, I just told people I was not available for the near future. Something you can't do with a normal job.
    Now I have had cancer, and the guy I was working with retired, so I did too.
    I am slowly getting back to doing things that are done just for the fun of it.
    I have some mechanic work on one of my cars that keeps getting pushed back. I would pay someone to do it if I could find someone that would do the job to my liking. I have no ambition to tackle the job, but have all the parts and pieces in boxes ready to go. In the winter it is too cold, in the summer too hot, and the glorious days in spring and fall seam too good to waste on projects like this.


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      #1, on edit and late. Cancer! I did notice that word. It's not me but hell on steroids of many friends. The upside, lots of folks are plain winning. Please be one of them!

      C/B - like that sign off.
      My bod hurts so hard to think and chew gum or something like that :-)
      Not dead yet. Point was share some hard earned knowledge still struggling to see in LED light please forgive the mistakes I didn't mean that.

      Great guy C/B this site was from Phoenix, AZ lost all contact scary fear those friends passed away!

      You rock buddy keep the torch going, let goodness win, YOU are the picture of that.

      Carry on. I'll be around as health permits?
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      MetroWest, Boston