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  • Heat

    We aren't strangers to heat in western Iowa, but we are forecast to see triple digits. I know Phoenix has been in triple digits almost all summer. There is a difference tho. I checked the dew point at sky harbor airpt. (Phoenix) and it was 63, right now my dew point is 79! It makes it much harder for the A/C to cool if it first has to squeeze all the moisture in the air out, before reducing the temp. Dew points are still rising as the temp does also.
    Most of the summer we have been lucky, but for the next week we are in a heat dome.
    Out where I live we have something referred to as "corn sweat". This is the moisture given off by the corn plants through their leaves. In the morning you can see it as "fog" sitting 6" above the corn fields but not elsewhere. It is a double edge sword, evaporative cooling by the moisture given off keep peek temps down but raises the dew point, making harder to cool down.
    This week we are having the double whammy of high temps and high dew points.
    I am most comfortable with dew points in the 50's by mid 60's I am dragging and by 70's miserable. I don't even want to discuss dew points in the 80's, but that is where we are heading.

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    Stinks doesn't it? HUGE area east of you I think was pulling that AND the orange smoke from fires in Canada.
    Was more days touching 100F than I recall in ages but the key is that dew point so high everything drips condensation.

    Hope it goes away soon for you I like heat to a point but not that crap. Home A/C pours waster out a drain pipe into dirt like a running faucet!
    MetroWest, Boston


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      We have dew points in the mid 80's. Only have widow shaker A/C in this 120 year old farm house, but a total of 2 ton keeps the temp around 79 and the humidity in the house around 57%, which makes it livable. I have the furnace fan on, but supply and return duct in the floor aren't ideal, which is why I never installed central A/C.
      All our animals that can be inside are, We still have 3 barn cats that can't come in, so I have been putting Ice cubes in their water bowls. I hope it helps. They have shade and a fan blowing into the barn, with doors open on 2 sides, but even lying in the dirt with temps in the 90's is hot.


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        ‚ÄčClick image for larger version

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        I'm not joking, this is a screen shot from today. Look at the dew point and feels like temps.


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          I feel for you! It did that here seemed forever. It's better now but was stopping outdoor (try to do even car stuff outside) was too hot so quit till later.
          It's just not funny!
          MetroWest, Boston


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            IDK if this will work. 97% humid + 70 dew point. It's early just 72F. Everything is wet and not raining.
            See if this works > https://www.msn.com/en-us/weather/fo...eebb9fe0e13e56 <
            MetroWest, Boston


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              We are finely out of the bad heat, turned off most of the A/C last night, just one "window shaker" in the bed room going. All off this AM and haven't turned on any yet. Mid 80's but much drier. Dew point in the high 60's. Not what I'd call delightful, but livable.


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                I bought one when this central air was down. Worked great also poured the condensate out with a knock out hole isn't allowed like say apartments or where it would drip all over someone or thing below so fan was made to dip into water and cools but no indoor humidity control! Hmmm so get "dehumidifier" or two? Same thing just doesn't change actual temp! Was 87F today's high the century #s seem to have gone, yahoo!
                MetroWest, Boston