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2001 Mack Truck

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    Does anyone know what type of PAG a Mack CV713 used and how much?


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      My book doesn't break stuff down by model of truck rather by which compressor was used. 1st look for a label on the compressor it may give an amount. Barring that my book shows either a Sanden SDTH15 compressor or a Seltec TM15. The Sanden can vary and there is a dipstick made for it, the Seltec calls for 6 oz of PAG 46, The Sanden takes PAG/SP15. Both say refer to the sticker on the compressor, and that should be your 1st choice for info.
      Both can have different rear covers and take different amounts of oil depending on what was fitted.
      Sorry not a lot to go on, but thats all I have.
      Welcome by the way.
      In the future, start your own thread when presenting a new problem, rather than tag on to an existing thread so things don't get confusing as to which problem is being addressed, not a big deal and if I knew how I would do it for you but still learning the ropes of this platform.
      to start a thread, the section you think it best fits in and hit the (+new topic) button at the top. put in a title and go from there.
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        Thank you!