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Eaton ex clip repair fitting

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  • Eaton ex clip repair fitting

    Does anyone know if you can use these on Goodyear 4826 hose? Mfg says use on aeroquip gh134 hose which has a smaller ( slightly) of.
    gh is 17mm and 4826 is 23 mm, don't have clips in hand to try it. I.d is identical at 10.3mm?

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    Ez clip! Dam auto correct


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      No, they are much different. 1st the 4826 is much larger in OD, but also the construction of the hose is different.
      Not saying you can't get it together in some way but it will not meet the leakage and stay together under pressure.
      4826 is for beadlock fittings.
      Beadlock crimpers have come down in price and make a clean install, also fitting are cheaper.
      Why do you want to mix and match?