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Odd Hose diameter

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  • Odd Hose diameter

    About 15 years ago I changed all the A/C hoses on my IHC 9670. At that time I didn't have a hose crimper so used OEM hoses. Now I need to change the compressor end fittings as I have changed compressors. I was surprised to find the hoses are neither Std nor reduced diameter but something in between. They are beadlock style, but esp the -8 hose from the compressor is just slightly too big in OD to fit a reduced diameter fitting and way too loose in a Std -8 fitting. These are nylon barrier hoses,
    I am going to buy Std diameter hose and replace them all again, but wonder if anyone else has run into something like this?
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    Just a WAG... Could it be a metric vs. standard thing?


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      I'm beginning to think they used -8 reduced dia hose with -8 to -6 reducer fittings for the liquid line and -10 reduced dia hose with -10 to -8 reducer fittings. The liquid line was just a bit too big in diameter to fit a std -6 fitting. When crimping reduced dia hose you use the next smaller crimping dies.
      I'm not really sure what you gain as the fittings would be smaller. My other truck with std hose cools great it and I have all std dia hose on it, -6 for liquid, -8 for discharge and -12 for suction.
      ended up ripping all the hose back to the Tx valve. was a pain cause they use a little 2" extension tube to pass the liquid line through the floor. Has a MIO end under the cab in the wheel well and a FO ring on the Tx valve end. After 20 years it wouldn't separate under the cab, and no room to work, had to silt the nut in the heaterbox at the Tx valve.
      Since they consolidated part number the replacement tube I had was too long, about 6" so had to put a 90 deg bend in it and replace the 90 deg fitting with a straight fitting on the end of the hose.
      I hope I am not going to mess with it again, 20 years from now I hope not to be driving it any more.
      That little tube, I paid $25 for two of them a while ago now retails for $112! You either need a 90 fitting with a long drop or that special tube and a std fitting.