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2002 Saturn LW300 A/C Just Quit

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    Got my brother's gauges, which worked correctly. Here are the readings at 80 degrees measured in front of the condenser.

    2000RPM: Low = 30 High = 197
    Idle: Low = 36 High = 202
    Vent temp: 32F recirculate w/fan on speed #2

    I expected the Low: 40-50 and High: 175-210. High looks okay. Low is a little low.

    Hard to argue with how well it works though.


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      Ugg - page 3 hurts. OK, vent temp really can't be 32F just thru air ducts will gain ~5F is my own observation so if true evaporator would be iced up/frosted now and isn't producing condensate now (water dripping) under vehicle a strong clue yet leave a flood when vehicle shut down if run a while.

      Re test real vent temp, center vent. I find "wired" digital remote thermometers handy for this put end down into vent some most are pretty close still verify that matches yet another. By rights it can't be that cold or will not work for long or airflow will slow down and vent temp go back up system should be shutting down and may work again later fine again and repeat this over and over.

      It stinks and hard to test thermometer accuracy any type. Just FYI for vent temps do NOT like touchless infrared thermos have two and neither behave with flowing air,
      MetroWest, Boston