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Has anyone developed an illness from Evaporator coil box scum?

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  • Has anyone developed an illness from Evaporator coil box scum?

    Has anyone developed an illness from Evaporator coil box scum? This could be a dumb question but my wife has had an issue with occasional coughing problems for years. No cause had ever been found. Many theories but nothing concrete. It did go away when we were on vacation so we figured stress or something. When the AC in her Honda Civic broke she began driving my car (because my car had AC, naturally.) It took a couple of weeks to get the various parts together to repair it including the Evaporator coil. When I removed the evaporator coil box I found a compost heap of leaf mulch from the intake kept damp by rain. I also thing that the previous owner got other liquids in there. The coil was about 50% clogged by black mold and the box was coated with the stuff. Because of the slow leak I am also guessing that there was compressor oil and UV dye from a repair and fill at a mechanics shop. I asked her how her cough was and she replied that she couldn't remember coughing in a while. I haven't heard her cough myself. I really cleaned out the box carefully and installed the new coil. Will be interesting to see if the cough comes back.

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    Yes! Unfortunately the problem isn't always easily fixed. "Black Mold" of assorted allergens unknown - bugs, foliage from how and where a thing of any sort is stored, used where situated.

    It can render a vehicle hopeless to repair by costs and effort to sterilize entire everything or buildings and homes as well.

    I don't think there's a single answer that solves MOST of the problems but has been noted for ages. Products are made to spray in panel vents just can't reach all parts.

    One suggestion now archived in the prior forum just from memory was by Nacho here was turn systems on and spray a Lysol type product down thru air intake usually where windshields and wipers are should be where outside air and anything in it comes in.

    Yikes - if a vehicle has had water inside it gets under carpets, into upholstery the battle is lost.

    Serious problem with no one thing that will fix all known to me that also wouldn't destroy the vehicle or building! Good luck. May want to ask a medical concern approaches to kill a bacteria or virus,

    MetroWest, Boston