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AC related grinding sound (video)

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    AC related grinding sound (video)

    When I turn my AC on, I get this grinding noise. The clutch appears to be engaging and pulley in spinning. Is this an AC clutch grinding issue?

    Engine running and shot of compressor clutch: https://sendvid.com/3f7352z8

    Grinding when AC turned on and shot of compressor clutch (any AC setting): https://sendvid.com/01lzkgo1

    Vehicle: 96' Z28 Camaro. Lots of mods (none related to the AC though).

    It sound like your compressor is self-destructing. It may have already sent metal partials though out the system. Stop running it now and plan on a lot of work to get it back in shape. The clutch looks like there might have been a shaft seal leak, compressor low on oil.