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Just Bad Luck or ??

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  • Just Bad Luck or ??

    Twice lately while servicing systems a a previously non leaking schrader valve would leak after removing the connector adapters.
    The ones I have were purchased at A.C Source and have been properly cared for and stored, the only thing I know I have a habit of doing which I am now thinking is bad is that I go full in with the knob rather than just part way.

    Is this likely to "mash" the core and damage it ? Again, only 2 times out of probably 20 uses. Once on a high side and once on a low side.

    ps.........I haven't been on the board since it moved, good to see it still around !

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    Wow - from A.C Source when selling parts. Been a while since they did. Unsure of life of stored Schraders? Should be OK I would think maybe you are tightening them too much or perhaps a flaw in the stem that holds them not sure how that could happen?

    Expect momentary spit but should stop even a bubble test would show that. Depending on other factors your connector could be set wrong need to back it off or tighten the pin if a retrofit if using the OE regular Shrader it's that one not the fake one looks like one isn't, those just make the connection. Arrrg - can remove whole thing and get an adaptor that has the 134a Shrader if so. In short - something is wrong need to know which type.

    Schraders usually dependable wait for an OE ball valve most screw up!
    MetroWest, Boston


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      The leak I incur is from the oem stems, the couplers I bought and use are these:


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        Somehow that didn't show for me properly. Just start with what the vehicle is and now suggests you are "retrofitted" and can if the ACME (134a w or without stems) can be all different not two Schraders the pin pushes on the OE one. Is that what is giving you trouble? Those do adjust how close the pin is to touch the OE one many times. Some will leak just from putting it on you back it off and a little those can't know how many turns the replacement went to bottom out with threadlocker still will undo if careful.

        IDK if you can easily remove that and replace the OE stem unless you have the kit to do that is what showed for me or was in the assortment of tools and equipment.

        At a glance seemed the stuff was still available didn't think it was at all. I lost touch with Warren Willingham by all methods quite some time ago for all I know now the parts were all bought up and it is active again by another?

        Doesn't matter totally I just need to know exactly what you have and have trouble with. If not your own picture try finding exactly what in a search engine Google (select ''Images") for example if you select the right terms there will be millions of pics already taken out there just copy/paste to here.
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        MetroWest, Boston