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AC(or blower) only work when key is in the accessory position

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    AC(or blower) only work when key is in the accessory position

    I have a 1994 Jeep Cherokee. The A/C has always worked great. A fuse blew for the blower and I replaced it. Worked that day then I go to start and it wouldn't work. I checked the new fuse and it was fine. Checked fuses under hood. Every Time I checked I started the Jeep. Then I went to test and decided just to turn the ignition to Accessories. The A/C worked (Might be just Blower). Turned the Jeep on and no air comes out. Moved back to accessorie and cold air blows.

    The only thing I can think of is that contacts in the ignition switch don't connect in On but do an accessories. I'd hate to find out after replacing the ignition that it was something else. Any help for these hot Texas summers would be greatly appreciated

    Sounds like it is not really and A/C problem but a wireing problem. You are going to have to get your hands on a wireing diagram and dope it out. If you replaced any relay, it could be the wrong type DPST vs SPDT or you could have other problems. Wireing takes methodical perseverance, breaking the circuit into sections and working forward and back depending on if it is working at the point you made the test.


      ? "workingfast" > you said A/C works great in accessory position? Blower might but engine shouldn't be running - is it there?
      Blower must be drawing too much current now this old plenty to check and would blow a fuse so make sure it's the correct fuse and will blow if a problem.

      Things to check easiest stuff first. If easy take blower out and see if the blower cage is full of junk or spins freely by hand. Also note if blower is always on high no matter where your request is there's a resistor near blower motor usually that can fail to do just that - high speed only.

      I don't like parts tossing but if cheap enough I'd think about replacing blower motor and clean out any mess in there as best you can. Be careful the "squirrel" cage on some or many blowers is held by one nut and is reverse threaded to loosen you turn clockwise. If you bust that new or the existing motor can't be used. I didn't look it up check threads of a new one even if you don't buy it some sold with or without the cage then can tell for sure. If I guessed I'd be wrong just beware of that possibility,
      MetroWest, Boston