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PAG -46 oil amount in Accumulator + Condenser

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  • PAG -46 oil amount in Accumulator + Condenser

    Hey Guy, I'm working in rebuilding the A/C on my 2010 Chevy HHR. I have a new Sanden PXV16 compressor, condenser, TXV and filter screen to install. Specs for my system call for 4 oz of Pag-46 and 14.4 oz's of R-134a. I have flushed the evaporator and lines with 4Seasions solvent and flush. If I remember correctly I need to put one oz. of oil into the evaporator one oz.in the condenser. So that would leave only 2 oz's left in the compressor. Is this correct or does the compressor need 4oz's of oil in itself? Two ounces in the compressor just seems like to little oil? Thanks for your input!

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    Put the full amount into the compressor, once connected turn it by had a few revs to make sure it can turn (no oil in the cyl) and the oil will distribute itself in operation. Neither the accumulator nor the evaporator need oil. Oil travels and is solvent in the refrigerant. After the system has been in operation, the oil will tend to acculate in these spots and drop out of the refrigerant. If you replace just these components , you need to add 1 oz to each so the total in the system stays a 4 oz.. The compressor is the only thing that really needs oil.