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Rebuilding TXV

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    Rebuilding TXV

    I am rebuilding the entire system in my 66 Chevy truck and need to choose between buying an new TXV or attempting to rebuild it. The new ones aren't quite the same dimensionally so I am wondering about the feasibility of rebuilding it.

    I would imagine the valve components would be the easy part. The unknown is if the diaphragm is still operating properly. I'm sure I could could vary the temp of the bulb to see if it moves. The question is how much should it move? Do these tend to leak over the years?

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    never heard of or tried to disassemble a Tx. I would say it could be learning experience, but I would replace, myself.


      I agree replacing it would be best but here's my predicament:

      The first pic is supposed to be for my application. Note the coiled bulb.

      The one in the second pic has the same flat style bulb as my original. I am concerned that the coiled bulb wouldn't transfer as efficiently as the flat one. My original flat one is clamped to a flat/square section of a tube on the evaporator.

      Both include 1966 in the model year range but I'm not sure if they're maybe calibrated differently.


        My original TXV bulb wasn't sealed with tar tape. Maybe tape would help if I wind up getting the coiled bulb?
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          ? No on the rebuild also never really heard of that. New is probably more compatible or faster for 134a or could still work with R-12 just fine. Not really sure if A/C on an real truck when they were was a factory add on or dealer installed leave some IDK room.

          Seal the dang thing if not tar tape find something that does the exact same thing or you are confusing it's function,

          MetroWest, Boston