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Length of Trinary Switch body? UAC SW-4082C

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  • Length of Trinary Switch body? UAC SW-4082C

    Would anybody have the length of the UAC Trinary Switch SW-4082C, from tip to tip, excluding the pigtails? I'm trying to determine whether I can squish into the location where my Binary switch just barely fits.

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    Guesses only? You don't have an old one to measure and the web only pic where you found that doesn't say if anything size of the box. The guess is from green O ring to prongs not shown about 1" add the 1/4" for connection wire/spades or whatever used hidden by the pig-tail in the picture. Allow room to install and vibration room by location of where it's going best I can guess - good luck,
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      Thanks. I had to go to multiple websites to even determine that the threads were 3/8"-24 UNF. The size/length/dimensions that I could find seemed a bit dubious and were not very clear.

      Good idea on the o-ring guesstimation .Hope it's not much longer otherwise I'm going to have to find a 3/8"-24 by 3/8"-24 male-to-female elbow (JIC? ORB?) ...... that, or tweak the whole thing a bit. I'll try to remember and come back and document the length when I receive it.
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        It would be -3 ORB. the problem lies in that you will not find a ORB to ORB 90 as far as I know, and any ORB to flare would be JIC and not 45 deg
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          If all you want to do is add a fan sw, then there are other options. You could add a 1/4" or 10mm flare fitting spliced into a section of hose, or there are thermostatic switches that can be clamped on a high pressure line to turn on the fan when the outlet of the condenser exceeds a set temp.


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            The good news is that it will fit so I don't have to go find an elbow. Maximum length from the threaded tip to where to pigtails come out of the back is maximum of 1 15/16".
            2 pictures attached so folks can see that the left side remains aligned with the edge of the ruler and white paper.
            I did spend some time looking for -3 ORB to -3 ORB male to female elbow. Egad! I cannot believe I can't really find one. I did find one(1), but it was for low pressure scuba equipment.... kind of interesting.
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              anything smaller than -4 isn't used much. You found more than I did. I could find a few fittings in-2 and -3 but no 90 ells.