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Wiring Trinary Switch UAC SW-4082C question....

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  • Wiring Trinary Switch UAC SW-4082C question....

    So, I got my SW-4082C trinary switch and it has 2-blue and 2-black pigtails coming out of the end. No diagram or schematic came with it. I'll go figure it out if I have to with a pressure source... initial research indicates the colors matched for operation, but I thought I'd ask here first while I get ready to wire it in.
    Anybody have the info readily available?

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    FYI: Just checked. Black leads work together to actuate the first low pressure setpoint.


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      I was going to guess, black is compressor (LPCO/HPCO) and blue would be fan. Black and black with tracer is what Red Dot uses for the compressor, on theirs fan is yellow and orange.