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AC Maintenance Service

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  • AC Maintenance Service

    Hello, Here i am discussion on AC maintenance service. How should we care and maintenance AC for using long time.
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    My opinion for vehicles would be that routine maintenance should be to check the belt, replace any cabin filters, and clean off the condenser. And only that, if the vent temperatures are fine.

    To me, checking for pressures on a system that cools fine is B.S.


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      Agree totally. If older or anytime and a fanatic put a thermo in center vent and see if it's what you expect when it's needed to cool. Beat on this is A/C comes on with most vehicles with request for defrost/defog unless seriously cold out if low doesn't know any better. Now that my own vehicles are newest 22 years old will defeat or disable compressor for off season just let it purposely run now and then when a warm day comes along or heated shop/garage just let oil circulate and disable it again.

      Wild temp swings where I am and lots of places was 16F last night maybe 60s again happens too during off season. IMO most system fail over Winter from near zero charge and it tries with heat of engine alone find it dead when you need it most in Spring. Your call almost nobody would do that but I've also never changed a compressor on one of my own vehicles - EVER!
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