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Someone to Weld On Beadlocks

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  • Someone to Weld On Beadlocks

    Can anyone recommend someone who welds on beadlock fittings? I have two short tubes that need the barbs removed and beadlocks installed.

    Maybe it would be easier to get new tubes with beadlocks?

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    The left one looks to be steel, so anyone who can braise can fit a beadlock. The aluminum one is more tricky. The bead lock is there to prevent the hose backing off the fitting if the crimp isn't secure enough to hold.
    While not recommended, I have crimped beadlock shells onto barbed fittings when the old shell was cut off to save the special fitting for re-use. Like I say, not recommended but mine have held to 425 psi without failure. I used an Atco crimper and replacement shells. If you can get the fitting with the beadlock then that would be my recommendation. It will be cheaper than buying a weld on "extension" and having it welded. The one on the left looks to be special, and the one on the right, if there is enough room to extend the hose portion a bit and use a std beadlock straight fitting, that would be my choice.
    As a final alternative, std O ring fittings can be converted to flare with an adaptor, then steel tubing can be flared to match the "special" shape and beadlocks braised to the end of the steel fitting.
    Unfortunately Mastercool doesn't make tube o ring dies for their hyd flaring tool, or it would be easy to make up new tube O ring ends.
    Aluminum is harder to weld and takes more than an oxy-acetylene torch. As to recommendations on who to do it, It would depend on where you live. I can't weld aluminum and I don't know anyone off the top of my head to recommend. ,


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      Thanks for responding!

      Yes, the left is steel and the right aluminum. I read awhile back about someone removing/rounding off the tips of the barbs so it has less tendency to cut into the barrier hose. I never tried that and I haven’t test fit a barrier hose to a barb fitting to see how tight the fit is to begin with.

      I’m going to reach out to Coldhose.com and see if they can make them although an extension line with o-ring fittings on both ends would be better. The way it is now I would have to connect the hoses to the evaporator core before bolting the assembly to the firewall. An extension would allow me to connect the hoses outside the cabin in the engine compartment.


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        If you just need an extension to use a std fitting. IHC used a -6 O ring extension tube on their big trucks with the A/C under the seat. It is a small section of tube with a male O ring on one end and a female on the other. There are two one is only 3" long and one is closer to 10"
        The long one is part number 500131C1. it is steel and can be bent with a tubing bender. I'd have to look up the shorter one when I get back home.