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  • Sad news

    Many of us that have been around this forum since its creation back in 1997, there was a man, a true gentleman who I had the honor to have as a good friend, a friend I never met in person, yet, his human quality was outstanding, Mr. John Davis.

    His wife Judy emailed me yesterday to let me know he died on September 12.

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    Sorry to hear of his death, thoughts go out to his family.


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      Uggh but thanks for letting us know my friend, Nacho. I don't know there are others I've lost total touch with didn't have contact info for a "survivor" so it's a guessing game did look and had real names and where they were last didn't find anything.

      At a loss for words so let it be for now. We've lost a real fine guy always knew some tid-bit that could escape us all.

      Be well yourself and same for others and will say Merry Christmas to you and yours,
      MetroWest, Boston