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Looking For AC Delco Compressor for 1989 S10-Blazer

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    Looking For AC Delco Compressor for 1989 S10-Blazer

    I am looking for a new compressor for my 1989 S10 Blazer. It is 4wd and 4.3l. I was looking here

    Buy a 1989 Chevrolet S10 Blazer A/C Compressor at discount prices. Choose top quality brands AC Delco, CARQUEST, Four Seasons, GPD, Global Parts Distributors, Santech/ Omega Envir. Tech., ToughOne, UAC.

    I see AC Delco Part Number: W0133-1836122 as probably the compressor that I need

    but then I saw this one AC Delco Part Number: 3650-05400766 with the following notes ....GM Original Equipment -- New; A/C - MANUAL CONTROLS (C60); R4 With CLUTCH, R12 & R134 RETROFIT

    and for 4.3l and VIN Z.

    I don't understand what all that means. What is a VIN Z ? Can anyone explain the difference between these two compressors.


    encoded in the VIN is the engine used. "Z" would be the letter that GM used in the VIN to spec one engine. the eighth digit or space tells what engine it has. This explains it:

    It seams like it will be either a Z or a W. You will need to know which your truck is to match up the compressor. It sounds like they make take different compressor or the clutch is different.
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      Browser: Quick look there are 4 possible 4.3 Engines but should be a "Z" is the throttle body injected one used '87>'95. Vin's 8th digit says what it came with new. Oh my - what's in this now is going to matter. OE should have been throttle body w air cleaner looking injection the looks of a carb at a glance.

      What changes? Basic block may be similar but used in cars and trucks not sure if one was counter rotating for truck and marine use! That would change brackets or swap sides of where it's placed then maybe altering the compressor was easier.

      Other: RV4's were a horror show! That's an IMO only. They weren't even old yet and having catastrophic failures. Lost to 134a as you said too folks did whatever could work just means to me if it worked in front of you ever I suggest at this age just set it on a counter in person and match it up but keep the old one if a core till it proves out OK with new/reman one.

      As Cornbinder said also clutch to position for the belt will matter totally too.

      The end all is save all you old parts just hard to believe much of this engine or accessories are still original if used at all not some show vehicle was a fav and still is for altering for an assortment of interests with zillions of cloned parts too so beware,

      MetroWest, Boston


        Thanks for all the help..my VIN is 1GNCT18Z2K~~~~~~~


          OK, Your part look up showed asking for that so chances are it's right. Near all I knew of were 4.3s I didn't think climate controls were available meaning you turn a knob lever and fan speed with the indignity of actually having to do it (just being funny.)

          The end all is also where I live there aren't any of these seen by me in good enough shape to be worth fixing a blown system and plead IDK if another engine same but totally from a different vehicle swapped to that. Why? This is really a Chev 350 with two cylinders cut off just do the math is really is. What trucks did though with a 350/5.7 is counter rotate the engines so certain changes are visible but don't change everything. I'm thinking maybe some package of super heavy duty cooling maybe changed some parts. If not (I just can't know) and same thing as used in cars or other GM would keep it the same.

          What you should do it put the old compressor, clutch and all and look for info if it fits just right now should be marked. Parts is it's own specialty to what crosses over if changes made for exact fit or not. I know, the price deals are gong to be on-line web purchases AYOR then trust the source and if they have any core charge who pays for returns. I also can't think of anyone selling compressors that wont say warranty void if new accumulator isn't installed on this type. If all you find is remanufactured both IMO and experience they stink just a higher % of defects or leaks. I leave that to you to cover your butt. It would only cover another compressor not subsequent damages you didn't ask about that just know few compressors fail and can get away with just that and forget the rest?

          Converted? Sure, most would be ages ago now. Need to know as it leaked or blew up before too much to pay for the R-12 did go out of control costly for a while no longer made now plenty has always been available just not to the general public and the conversions/retrofits worked fine on these.

          AYOR, I'd stick the thing on a counter at a brick and mortar real parts place and let them determine that correct part at the age and what info they may have not always available so easy.

          How much. You did the look up you tell me but I'd get whole unit, clutch and all NEW if at all possible. If an exact clone that is bolt on is known better I don't know it.

          I do warn you if you are not fully aware of what you are doing and what the extent of troubles are now plus converted now the charge weight is really unknown should have been marked down the amount of 134a that was used for an R-12 system. Do know it's not the OE amount and we can discuss that but not till you ask there's just lots to know or you'll be so ticked off at failures which set you backwards needing more than you do now,
          MetroWest, Boston