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2002 Lincoln LS v8

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    2002 Lincoln LS v8

    Input please

    Hello to the room,, Fellas I have been trying to locate the leak in the system for long enough, I am about to gut & replace everything,, I have added dye,,,no luck,, Halon/ sniffer,,no luck I am aware of the dccv valve,, it's not related,, I have sniffed the drain hose ,high/Low pressure hoses dryer,, ductwork,,, I am at a loss,, I don't currently have any pressure readings to share,because I put it to the back burner,thank God we have another car , I can top it off/up with refrigerant and drive it around and it's cold,, if I park it overnight,,it's done,, the sniffer I calibrated in fresh air,,& I have even checked the sniffer against a fresh tapped can of 134,, with a fitting purposely loose,, and the sniffer detected it,, considering the fact's before us,, the only place I have seen a Trace of dye is at the charging port on the compressor,, which is where I connected the vessel to introduce the dye I am standing by for your input,, Sincerely Innahouse.

    Gauges and a maxicool dual stage vacuum pump
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    If it looses charge overnight, you have a massive leak. If you can't find it a shop should be able to.


      Thanks corn binder,, I have to agree with you with regards to a massive leak,, but the damn thing holds a vacuum,& I break it with charge,,soo a refrigerant sniffer,dye injection,,etc and not finding it,, Respectfully,,I appreciate your input,, but,,,I am leaning towards the H block,, but not looking forward to changing it,,,


        ? Welcome and let's find that elusive leak. It hold a vacuum possibly because you are hooked up. Not much showing when filled enough to work lost overnight?
        The 1st thing to come to mind is the dang fitting with Shrader or did it use some ball valve for a port? Either way just bubble test that with the cap off - as silly as it is, is a place to leak already made a mess there so most don't freak seeing some evidence just hooking up and disconnecting there.

        Knew this car with a V6. Quite disappointed Ford quit supporting these some joint venture with Jaguar all fine just didn't seem to want to help anymore not that long ago.

        So check that valve + do know the cap itself is and might be your final seal right there. I vaguely recall this car only had a low side port or hid the other quite well I never found it Fine you do need to work with temp and charges by known weight more than some others with some age could tweak last bit with all other observations watched at once,
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          Thank you tom,, will follow your advisement,, Sincerely