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Lost pressure in A/C on 04 Jeep Liberty question..

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  • Lost pressure in A/C on 04 Jeep Liberty question..

    So my son swapped out my radiator for me and ended up disconnecting the A/C lines without de-pressurizing. After a very messy cleanup, I am now without A/C. I attempted to refill the low end with refrigerant, but I am getting no cool air.

    I have an appt Saturday to get it checked out, but I was wondering.. Is this something a vacuum & refill will solve? Or is this going to be a spendy repair?

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    ? It was working - right? You don't just fill it now nor fill just "low" end. It's one system any leak, any reason it's all gone. With the story try to guess how much oil it lost! That's only a guess no dipstick. If a mess ask or inform a shop of the story bet you will struggle too much and risk wrecking it to charge it up to exact weight listed for it and be fine again cheaper than you think.

    Doing it all wrong you can destroy a lot if you are VERY well versed in A/C we'll continue on but have to suggest just get it charged the equipment to measure in a charge also into a well help vacuum would cost you a fortune for a one time thing. DO NOT TRUST THAT CRAP THEY SELL!! THAT'S A STERN WARNING!
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      Yes it was working prior. I'm going to just let the shop check it out. If it ends up something got broken, I guess im out. It's an older jeep anyway. I figure if I can get it fixed for less than 300 I will go for it.. Otherwise, no A/C for this guy. hahaha


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        Ask what a vacuum and charge costs. 134a where I am goes dirt cheap off season and back up for the short season pretty sure this state doesn't store seasonal anything too costly to do that here.

        Tell of the oil loss. By all rights this should work as is did no big problems. Any seals where disconnected replaced are also dirt cheap real shops would stock that stuff not order it and wait at all.

        Do this if you don't like costs sending this out. See if any parts stores rent a vacuum pump and gauges. Here Autozone now others do! Free for full deposit for safe return. So just vacuum and let it hold. Add even a part 12oz can of refrigerant to keep air out the pressure in system but unplug compressor so it can't try to work. You should note that you did that marked under hood so it's known. Not working the system should stay good for a while but lack of use also a problem if way too long,
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          Don't try to do it yourself as it will make the condition more worse if something goes wrong. So, consult the best professionals like ac repair service Wayne NJ For the best advice online or you can just hire them so that they can do the whole inspection of your AC.