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    Gauge readings

    99 Chevy truck, K1500 (4x4) extended cab, automatic, 5.7 (truck mfg Sept 99, GMT400)

    A friend brought his truck by and I put my gauges on it. Engine at idle.
    Ambient temp 100
    Low 47
    High 290
    Static 101
    Vent temp at idle = 62
    Vent temp at 1500 rpm = 55
    Vent temps taken at center vent, fan set on highest setting, recirculate mode, doors closed, windows down.

    Does this seem to be overcharged? Shouldn't the vent temps be lower?
    Thank you for your help.

    Own same! Easy as any get. Still it's old and history will be tricky by now. Fan clutches don't last work better while driving along or wet condenser for a little to recheck. Best always to vacuum out and charge by weight 32oz (check that one for under hood info) go by that.
    CCOT simple system: Return will feel cold and sweat if any humidity, high too hot to touch easily. Should put out mid 40s even at a real 100F only better when moving along always.
    Watch out most all high side ports were ball valve if touched leak. Best to just go by temps and know weight of charge.

    Other: "O" tube is behind front right directional lens. It's all working you just need air flow thru condenser better mostly. DO PUT THE HIGH SIDE CAP ON SNUG AND KNOW A GOOD GASKET IS IN IT THEY LEAK THAT'S YOUR SEAL!
    MetroWest, Boston