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ac temp not low enough

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    ac temp not low enough

    Hi all, I have a 2003 Ford F250 diesel. I've had it for a few years and the AC has worked well until this summer. It doesn't get as cold as before. It was 82 degrees outside today and my thermometer in the vent said that the ac was blowing 60 degrees. I put my gauges on and it read 32 on low side and 225 on high side. Can someone tell anything from these readings as to way It is not cooling enough ?
    thanks for any help,

    High side (condensing temp) is too high for 82 deg air. Possible problems are a defective fan clutch, degraded condenser, poor air flow thru the condenser to name a few.
    Take a garden hose and "mist" the condenser and see what the pressure and temps do.
    Your high side shows almost 140 degs condensing temps, or almost 60 deg over ambient. Condensing temp ideally should around 20 degs over ambient.