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2007 Lincoln Town Car - AC warmer when moving, Cooler when idling

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    Just an update. My accumulator is very rusty so I've decided to replace it.
    It's a known weak link on these cars due to it's location. It's susceptible to road salt.
    Will take a week or so to get here.
    Will keep you posted.
    Will I have to add oil if I replace the accumulator?


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      Accumulator will be a total fight if "road salt" on alloys can be like aluminum welded! Busting everything a total nightmare. Put PB (power blaster) on threads last week (joke) so it can help in removal.
      Always a question with A/C repairs is how much oil and where. Basically educated guessing unless every last part is known empty flushed or new.

      Drain what you can out of parts. Drill holes in ones that could trap it and measure all you got OUT. In systems that list about 8oz of oil it's OK to replace what you got out plus a couple then mark that you did under-hood for later reference.

      Yes to adding oil to new accumulator if you do in fact do it at all a snag is if you do you can bust things if you don't you lose warranty - roll the dice?

      Oil is for compressor so you want added oil upstream or low side by the quick time it can cool (pressures will show it could) it only then really moves oil along just know there's only so much "grace" time with oil put in a compressor or right there till you are circulating oil with compressor engaged at first it goes dry. How long do you have?

      Not all the long - a minute is a lot IMO. Seconds best at first start up of system.

      Accumulator is upstream so put just some the rest of added oil in line returning back to compressor,

      MetroWest, Boston