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Uneven cooling

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    Uneven cooling


    I own a dental clinic in Toronto. Before last winter I made my clinic centralised AC. As the separate AC in rooms was causing high electricity bills. Now the centralised AC shows an uneven cooling inside the clinic. The reception area have very high cooling were as the examination room will be too hot when the AC is ON. Last day one of my patients told me that it can be corrected if I go for an (hyperlink removed.) I think it will be the best option. I. Have called them. They told they will be available in two days. Is there any problem if I switch ON the AC before they come? It will be great if you can put your thoughts here. Thanks in advance.
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    Hyperlink to a biz shouldn't be allowed. So far that's good advice. This site is concentrated to "motor vehicle" air conditioning isn't the right place for you with a building to control the climate for assorted rooms or areas would be impossible without hands on inspection and design of what even meets code for a concern like that?
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