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AC stops working when I rev the engine (live data video)

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    AC stops working when I rev the engine (live data video)


    I have Audi A6 from 2006. When I rev the engine past 2000 rpm the AC stops working. If I rev the engine again I hear a hissing sound and the AC starts working normally. I made a video with live data. As you can see from it, the gas pressure drops immediately after I rev the engine and the evaporator temperature rises rapidly. Any ideas what is causing the issue.

    Very hard to follow that, but I think I am seeing the pressure rise to 26.5 bar which is close to 400 psi. What has been done to the system ? did it work before and now isn't?
    My guess, but hard to tell, is a high pressure cut-out is shutting the system off so it doesn't get damaged or blow a hose.
    We need more info and gauge readings are easyer for us to follow rather than computer screen shots.


      Wow! Good eyesight CB! OP - that's going to blow out if that high. Quick spray condenser see if it comes down. I lots check for serious dirt/debris between condenser and radiator can hide.
      Other most common reason is someone charged it too much? If so vac and charge to exact weight. Warning - an Audi may shut down and need a reset or not allow A/C. AYOR it may send you only to a dealer to reset - bummer on these IMO,

      MetroWest, Boston