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2007 MINI Cooper A/C Issue

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  • 2007 MINI Cooper A/C Issue

    Hello, I believe the compressor in my 2007 Mini Cooper may be failing but not 100% sure. Car is blowing cool not cold air.

    Put manifold gauges on and here are the stats:

    Ambient Temp = 89 degrees (60% High humidity here South Florida)

    After 20 minutes idling without a fan in front of condenser (did these readings first):

    Low side = 45 psi
    High side = 210 psi

    After 20 minutes idling with a box fan in front of the condenser:

    Low Side = 47 psi
    High Side = 150 psi

    *Compressor runs but doesn’t ever cycle/turn off unless I push the on/off button
    *I can hear hissing in cabin vents – Does this mean Expansion valve is functioning?
    * Pulled driver side plastic console plate off in cabin to access expansion valve. Evaporator lines connecting to valve – one line is cool, other room temp inside cabin. Normal?
    * Low side line in engine compartment not cold at all

    Have an idea what may be wrong here?

    Safe to assume Low side is a normal, High side is low?

    Thank you.

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    If all your electric fans in the engine are operating properly, I'd have a shop recover and weigh the R134a to see if there has been any loss. Yes, the high side pressure seems low with adequate airflow over the compressor.


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      Sounds like the system is low on charge. When it has the correct charge, both tubes should be close to the same temp.(cold), You have a leak somewhere.


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        Seems we concur with this I do too. Slight low charge will reduce cooling is fractionally low not many ounces - the guess ''Du-Jour."

        Leaks are a given just by ages some will be lost so slowly may not find evidence it it's been years you may never till it quits totally?

        I think best is evacuate and recharge to listed weight into well held vacuum see if performance is back. Yes both lines should feel same temp it all is right while operating.

        Strong guess if that's done properly with no air allowed in it will perform as best it can. Mark date it worked so you get a history of how long it lasted till it's faster to find where and if a leak is too fast. IMO about this time and age a 2007 in S. Florida (year round use) this may be a routine for another year or more then a fix will be necessary unknown right now in that it can cool at all how extensive or if extensive?
        MetroWest, Boston