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Car AC keeps tripping on Recirculation

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  • Car AC keeps tripping on Recirculation

    Dear all,
    I need expert opinion on my car’s AC tripping issue. I have Honda Civic 1.5 Turbo model 2017. Few months earlier my car’s AC started tripping and with the passage of time tripping interval is increasing. Tripping is frequent at low fan speeds, at high fan speed there’s no to little tripping. However I have noticed that when I use outside air for AC, it never trips and only trips when it is on air recirculation mode (using inside air from cabin).

    kindly if someone can help by giving expert opinion it will be much appreciated.

    Thanks a lot

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    Does tripping mean AC clutch engagement and disengagement?

    1. How's your comfort - maybe the deicer switch has determined that the air is cold enough, and switching off the compressor. The air will be colder at low fan speeds and in Recirculation mode.


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      Thank you for the response
      First of all by tripping I mean the AC starts blowing hot air and the cabin becomes warm. This keeps happening even when AC thermostat is at min temperature where I believe it should never trip. And this tripping is not by achieving temperature set value as the cabin gets very warm before AC starts working again.
      secondly I got it checked from local AC workshop. They believe the compressor / sensor on compressor is faulty and since it is not possible for them to replace the sensor so they suggest to replace compressor + condenser.
      i am not an expert and therefore require your expert opinion on this issue. Pls give me your opinion if the diagnosis of local mechanic is accurate. Because in my opinion if compressor or it’s sensor is faulty then it should cause problem regardless of air circulation mode.
      i hope I have expressed my problem clearly.
      If you think it is de-icer switch problem then kindly guide me is it possible to replace that switch?
      thanks again for the response


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        2 months ago I had intermittent AC clutch disengaging on my 1998 Nissan Frontier with 242K miles; when air came in warmer, I pulled over immediately, opened the hood, and saw that the AC compressor was not turning, just the outer pulley was. Now, I had wired an indicator light in parallel to the AC clutch, so I knew it was getting power and not engaging or grabbing. The fix was to remove a thin metal shim under the AC clutch drive plate, to decrease the clutch gap; this is an accepted repair for such gap increase due to wear and tear.

        Some - carefully, danger potential - tap on the center of the AC clutch with a wooden rod while the engine is on and AC is switched on, but only the outside pulley is turning; if the the compressor clutch then engages, you have a clutch slippage issue.


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          It's pretty new to have a history for the exact year of this but OMG they sell zillions of these do well all around. This should/would be totally computer controlled from sensors all over the thing.

          Yes - codes would read a fault never do say why just what circuit isn't right and it isn't. Take a hard look at the area for things that just happen like a leak of any kind important if found find out what and fix that! Could just be slipping give up and tries later?? Clutch air gap isn't the most common to me but despite how tight try.

          Low fan or request is more likely to call it satisfied than full blast an interior sensor may be blocked or wrong?

          Hey - 2017! Have you checked for warranty on this? Really check (dealer) and if something on a recall. Many do not count miles rather date sold new.

          I understand the tech suggesting do it up like a bad compressor it just seems early. If you do give it time for a very comprehensive diagnosis before that if you find nothing including leaks even this new a silly port cap or tiny something damage a condenser would leave evidence however slight as it works at all,

          MetroWest, Boston