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Which AC Is Best For My Room And Best Place To Fit The AC In My Room?

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  • Which AC Is Best For My Room And Best Place To Fit The AC In My Room?

    Hi, I want to buy an AC because AC prices are lower now than in summer. But I am confused with the brand, and the AC they sell I want to buy inverter AC, and my budget is around 45,000. In the course of my online research, I came across to this post https://bestproduct.in/air-conditioners/best-ac-india. I am currently confused between the following ACs.
    1. Carrier CAI18EK5R39F0 AC
    2. Hitachi RSB512HBEAP
    3. Voltas 173V JZJ AC
    After buying the AC my next confusion is In which room I fit that AC so I got benefits for both rooms. My home structure is like One is on the front side of the house and the other is after the hall of the house. Now, I am confused about where I should fit that AC for proper cooling for both rooms.
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    This site is primarily focused on mobile ( vehicle) A/C so I'm not sure we can be of much help. In North America the inverter type window units haven't really made much inroads into the market. I guess in Aussi and the pacific rim they are much more popular. I think it also makes them easier to use on a wide variety of voltage and frequencies used it that part of the world.
    Inverter benefits include being able to change the compressor speed to adjust cooling to match the heat load, where as what we have here cycle the compressor off when the evaporator temp reaches the set point of the switch.


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      Rather than list out 3 you've found by price you need to know your exact housing situation include how many BTUs you'd need or want. This site is meant for mobile A/C as Cornbinder said so just some suggestions.

      Factor if you can or can't (by codes, your property specifically if you want any type of anything that is allowed to drip! That's been a little while where I am you just can't annoy another with dripping so any style for some must reuse that water or burn it up to vapor!

      If for a window or cut out for a wall isn't my thing to choose where if in person. Power for the thing and how ducted or just blow air around thru open doors.

      Lots to think about more than just costs of a unit of any type know the power you need as I said then if extensive to just mount the thing you need some help again specific to non mobile A/C. Good luck,

      MetroWest, Boston


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        As for me, I would choose Hitachi RSB512HBEAP, only because I really like this firm. This is a highly qualified technique. And about the best place for air conditioning in the apartment. This depends on the interior design, and the size of the air conditioner itself. For me, the best place for the air conditioner is in the center of the room, just away from the bed where I sleep. This is so that the air flows are distributed evenly around the room, so that I do not feel them. So, I think if you consult with the guys from the (removed hyperlink) they will help solve any question regarding the air conditioner.
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