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First touch of A/C for the Season!

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    First touch of A/C for the Season!

    First little job today, my own. Shocking that it hit real air temp of about 78F over dark driveway had the chance. My own are plain OLD vehicles now, both CCOT so disconnect LPCOs for off season both have known "Cold weather leaks" at compressor shafts no evidence can leak with defog/defrost used all the time the "Freon" leaks but no oil evidence isn't good for fatal for compressors! BOTH OWNED LOOOOONG TIME ARE OE parts not touched since NEW is remarkable, one 23 years old (the newer) the other still R-12 waits for later is now 31 years!

    Both work close to as new if I do this.

    One a GM truck with the Dephi known to leak anyway is right up top easy and fast to tweak up on higher capacity systems of the sort for me anyway.

    It's pushing it to expect A/C to be OE at those ages meaning NO repairs just this. Low miles for their age big time still time/age matters.

    NBD, just nice to know the one I use the most works properly without noises and expected temp drop incoming air 78F, center vent about 41F with thermos is enough, that one works.

    The joy is this trick saves them. I don't know about the R-12 car doesn't go out if lousy and now such a commodity don't waste any now it's still way to early for some 12 or more years in heated garage doesn't always leak at all other years just some so still don't know on that one.

    Would just be so nice if neither were a hassle and doubt yet again this year. The shock is March 9th and that temp I think is a record for me to be able to test one at all for performance unless 75F or more you really don't know if the "tweaking" an aft of its own is all you would need or not.

    Oh, objective is get and let the oils flow no vehicle likes just being off as long as usual for here,
    MetroWest, Boston