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  • trinary switch vintage air

    I am installing a vintage air system that came with a binary switch and have just installed electric fans, so I need a trinary switch. My question is do I need to purchase it from them, if they have some proprietary switch, or can I buy any brand? Theirs is $35 others that look the same can be much less, as I'm aware you already know. If I can buy any brand what do you recommend? Thanks for any help.

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    ? Basics, you are doing a custom job using a named company for aftermarket custom A/C but your application you want or need the trinary switch. Did you get a part # to find another/lower cost? if that matches and you are sure go for it. Just be able to go back and get one from the kit maker if it doesn't work. If both had specs listed match those up save some wasted time,
    MetroWest, Boston


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      They only list their own part number but the specs are Description: Vintage Air replacement trinary switches combine low and high pressure compressor clutch cut-off functions plus an electric fan engagement signal at 254 psi. The low pressure cut-off of these trinary switches is 30 psi and the high pressure cut-off is 406 psi. These are the replacement switches only for Vintage Air trinary switch kits.


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        I've already sunk so much in the build, I guess I shouldn't worry about the extra $20 for their switch. Just trying to save when I can.


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          Aftermarket trinary switches can be supplied in NC fan and NO fan. Red Dot switch cost more than you quoted, so no money saved, Also if you need a NO and order a NC the relay to "flip flop" it will eat up any savings.
          I go with genuine Red Dot as I have trouble with knock-offs, and the price is not worth the hassle of a switch going out while on the road.


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            Once again WOW Cornbinder! Great insight on importance on this part for this not my game with "Vintage Air" just heard of it.

            Other about the "knock offs" is wrecking me with what should be 1,2,3 other type repair A/C, be it vehicle or not. Forced to find now "cloned" things on line vs genuine stuff has really messed me up. OMG the brand names are cloned on junk stuff!

            Save the novel for some time have had horror show failures because of poor plastic items, rubber items, metals of all sorts, clips and fasteners of all sorts on that list. Can't get a box of screws by 100 and get 90 good ones type things.

            If the item is important enough don't let cost wreck the show now ticked off like a lot of folks you need weapons to so much as open a small item packaging was more important than the contents apparently so it can be counted, shipped and available without anything but a scanning no regard for if it fits or works for an intended purpose.

            Do your best to find out if what you want is real is the best I can suggest so it's not the problem!
            MetroWest, Boston


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              Their website, www.vintageari.com, offers installation diagrams for this. We just installed one of their systems in a 1967 Mustang GT500 knockoff.


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                Vintage Air replacement trinary switches combine low and high-pressure compressor clutch cut-off functions plus an electric fan engagement signal at 245
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