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1966 Olds Toronado A/C

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    I think the "powers that be" 1st made it a hard rule that auto A/C can't use flammable (class B) refrigerants. Then they wanted non ozone attacking, now they want non climate warming.
    The problem is: those three requirements are mutually exclusive. Any two may be but all three no. They have now started backing away from the non flammable and saying low flammable is ok. That opens the door to things that were verboten only a few years ago. I think 134a is slightly less flammable than 152a, but both support combustion to some degree.
    To get around their own rules they have made a new class of "slightly flammable" that can be used.
    When the choice came to pick between 134a and 152a the difference in flammability and the fact both required different oil, 134a won that battle. It does seam like 152a would be better in retrofits, but I'm not sure. Certainly there is something to be said for "going with the crowd" in terms of availability.