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one port system Volvo FH4 2015

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  • one port system Volvo FH4 2015

    Hi, I'm in the UK and this is my first post, I'm Danny.

    I am a mobile car truck and farm and jcb type diggers and things.
    I know there are one port systems with a high port connection but I have never done one. I have looked at a job I am doing on Saturday 6th June 2020. The trucks have the one port system. My equipment standard recovery unit nitrogen pressure test equipment vacuum pump etc. I can work out that I need to do a vapour refill. Now my question what about recovery does a standard recovery unit do it. So I just use the blue side of it. If anyone has done this and can tell me the procedure I would be very grateful and thanks.

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    I'm sorry I have no guidance to give. I will be learning right along with you. It would seam that recovery should be straight forward thru the red (high side) hose. Recharge would be different, Your going to need to pump it in under pressure. Does your machine do that?


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      It goes in the low side which has a high side connector. Recover and vacuum with the single port and do a vapour charge, I needed to heat the bottle up to get all the gas in, I used a heat gun. I will buy a heat blanket for next time.


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        A single port on the low side is do able, even without proper equipment. I couldn't see a way if it was a single port on the high side to charge without an external pump to force the liquid in. Wonder if this nonsense was done to prevent the adv Joe from "boosting" with those cheap hose and canister kits?