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Ford Ranger Oil Amount

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  • Ford Ranger Oil Amount

    Wow, haven't been here in so long had to re-register.
    Anyway, have a leaky evaporator, service valves, and cycling switch in my 2003 Ranger, rest of the system is in great shape.
    So when I install the new evap. and accumulator, how much oil should I add in?
    The underhood spec. decal says the system uses a total of 9oz. of PAG.
    Thanks for any advice!

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    If it were mine, I would pull the compressor when the system is open, drain and re fill with 8 oz of Pag. You can never know how much oil escaped with the refrigerant and guessing is not a sure thing. Far more systems are ruined every day from lack of lube than have ever been from slight too much. Figure a little oil will be trapped in the other components, putting 8 oz in will be fairly close to ideal.


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      Will do. The compressor is super easy to remove on this. Thanks for the help!