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Remove Broken Schrader Valve

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  • Remove Broken Schrader Valve

    I'm replacing a leaking low side Schrader valve in a 2008 Saturn Vue. The valve came apart (see pic) with some pieces still in the hose fitting.

    How do I get the pieces out?

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    I have had this happen a couple times and each time I was able to use a small torx (T15, I believe) screwdriver as a "extractor" to lightly tap into the remaining barrel and remove the stuck portion. Not sure if this could work in your case, but maybe it's something worth looking at. Good Luck!


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      A variation of your suggestion worked. I used a small pointed file. I had the hose disconnected from the condenser so the smallest piece fell out onto a rag. Net, I have all the pieces out, a new valve installed and I'm pumping out the system now. Thanks for the suggestio

      Pics here to help the next guy.