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Do I Need Another New Receiver Drier?

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  • Do I Need Another New Receiver Drier?

    Hello to all, this is my first post and looking for a little info from the experts. Long story short.............

    I have a 2004 Fiat Scudo 2.0 Jtd van. The a/c has not been used on it for 10 years. Finally got round to sorting it and found it was only the dashboard switch that was broken. So replaced switch and of course after all that time there was no gas in system. So vacuumed system for 3 hours to remove any moisture and renewed receiver/drier.

    Tested system for leaks and found a rubber hose had rubbed on gearbox and had a hole.. New pipe is really big money from Fiat, so sent off pipe to a/c specialist to re-crimp in new rubber section.

    So, now to my dilemma. We had vacuumed for 3 hours and re-newed receiver drier. Then found hole in hose. So we had to remove the whole pipe for repair which leaves the system open in several places - open at drier, compressor and evaporator - see diagram. The big thing is, it's been open for over 10 days and today is damp, warm and humid - van is parked outside. Because system has been open this long, is our new receiver/drier now junk? Should I re-new it? Did we waste our time vacuuming - should we do it again and how long for? Or am I worrying unnecessarily - but I want the system to work 100 per cent and be reliable.?

    Would appreciate any advice.

    It's the long pipe - number 2 - on image. Goes from drier to double union at evaporator then onto compressor. Middle rubber hose section is holed.


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    I'm not an expert, but no one has yet responded. If mine: I would install a new drier. And PAG oils absorb moisture too, way more than the R-12 type mineral oils did.

    Next time seal off such openings with plastic bags sealed tight, or something similar.


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      I agree. You might get lucky but you could also end up chasing your tail, with freeze up problems, and stuck Tx valve from moisture in the system.