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  • Maxima question AC

    Hello everyone--I have a maxima that when checked with gauges the high and low side are prefect readings freon is good.. We live in AZ so the morning lows are around 88 and the highs around 117 --The problem i have i cant understand for the life of me---in the AM when its 88 degs the AC starts out cold for the first 5 miles then its starts to become less cold at points the air is warm--Howvever when its 117 degs out and i drive home from work the air comes right on and stays ice cold all the way home 25 min ride!!! Dont get it!

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    I'm also in Arizona, so know your climate. Does not seem like an issue with compressor itself.

    I will suggest two things to look at.
    1. Are ALL your engine condenser/radiator fans possibly NOT working in the morning but working in the evening?
    2. Could the AC compressor clutch be slipping/disengaging sometimes, like from too-wide clutch gap? This happened on my '98 Nissan Frontier last summer and I removed a shim in the clutch to fix that myself. But I doubt that this scenario would be "OK" on hot afternoons.

    Anyway, if you're near NE Phoenix, a shop I trust is Smart Auto on North Cave Creek Road.


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      1st without the year of the car it is hard to know what it has for controls. My 1st thought would be poor airflow in the area of the frost switch in the evaporator. But that is assuming it has one, without the year I have no way of knowing. Dust, dirt and dog fur, can reduce the air flow in the evaporator and it can get cool enough to trip the switch. When the air is hotter, it never gets cool enough. If the vehicle uses transducers and a controller to control the compressor, there could be other reasons. As air flow get reduced slowly over time, it can be hard to noticed the reduced air flow until it is cleaned out and suddenly you find a lot more air coming out of the vents.
      You could put your gauges on and go for a ride with them on the windshield, it would show if the compressor is shutting down or not when the air gets warm.
      Moisture in system can cause ice to form and block flow, then melt when flow is stopped and the cycle repeats, Not likely in your case but if the system has been left open for a while, I couldn't rule it out.
      Lastly there are some variable displacement compressors, where the valve for adjusting the output can stick and the compressor not "compress enough" again pressures would show this happening while driving.


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        2002 maxima!


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          Thank you!!


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            Ok, I looked up online. It has an HVAC air filter, so that is the 1st thing I would check/change. Next it has a pressure transducer in the liquid line. DO NOT jumper and wires (you could easly fry a controller and will not bypass the problem) and an ambient air temp sensor. 1st things 1st, make sure the air filter is clean or replace it, It could be as simple as that.
            If the air filter is clean or not the problem, it will be harder to deal with and may require a scanner to see why it is shutting down.


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              Not Maxima, but my '98 and 2004 Nissan Frontiers have GREAT AC systems.