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2016 Nissan Altima slightly cool air

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    2016 Nissan Altima slightly cool air

    I have a 2016 Nissan Altima SV. The ac recently stopped blowing as cool. I had the system evacuated and recharged, and still no change. The air blows as hard as it used to, just a major decline in cooling power. When I had the recharge done, they put dye in the system and checked it 2 days later and didn’t find evidence of leaks. The air blows cooler the cooler it is outside. Mid-day, it just does not cool the cabin down. The mechanic checked the vent temp at 32 degrees, but something is obviously wrong since it is not cooling the cabin. What would be the next steps to try and diagnose the issue? Thank you in advance.

    There are a lot of things to look at, but since you paid someone to recharge and check, I would take it back to them and tell them they need to diagnose further.
    Your system uses a pressure transducer and a control module for the A/C. There are thing to be checked with a scanner, things to be checked with pressure gauges and things like condenser fans and clutch operation that can be checked visually. There is also the possibility that whatever controls the heat (blend door or water valve) is malfunctioning and re-heating the air.